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Short videos are perfect for last minute cramming. While we do not encourage cramming, sometimes we may just need that quick refresher.



Longer, in-depth videos on the entire topic as required to pass each grade. These videos are recommended more than shorts, as they build foundation.

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Regularly scheduled live sessions focus on specific topics, accepting questions. There are two types of live: public and private.


Group Chat

A private Discord group for exclusive members, who receive priority attention as compared to those commenting on our videos.
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4-Tier Levels to Fit All Your Needs

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Description of Each Perk/Service

Announcements: We will have important announcements that will be first released to our Discord members before any of our social media channels. It’s the quickest way to stay up to date !

Casual Chat: Everyone has access to the community chat. Members are free to discuss with other members anything related to math. More experienced members are free to help those who are more junior than they. All members are reminded to stay on topic.

Homework Support (Chat): This perk allows members to be able to seek help regarding their homework from our mentors via text in the channel. The timeframe for a response is typically within 24 hours. The type of response may be by text, picture or video.

Live HW Support: This service is the same as the regular Homework Support except the response time is live.

Live Zoom Meeting: Zoom meetings or Google Meets are exclusive to Premium members. A complementary of 4 hours per member will be offered. Each zoom meeting is 30 minutes long, therefore, each member may have 8 sessions per month for free. Additional hours may be purchased if required. Please inquire by contacting us regarding such hours.

About us

The Founder has a math degree, taught in multiple curricula and helped numerous students reach their goals. 

Our mission is to transform the math learning experience for all students, especially those who struggle in math.

Math should be easy!

What's Next?

We will soon breakdown the various videos into specific topics and grades ranging from Integers to Calculus.